Month: March 2021

Winnipeg Spring Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Winnipeg Spring Electrical Maintenance Checklist Electrical Checklist

A spring electrical checklist can help you check out any expected threats and forestall harm brought about by spring storms and electrical failures. Focusing on electrical awareness can help avoid injuries caused by electrical malfunction. This year, make it a priority and inspect everything electrical around your house while you’re doing your yearly spring cleaning.

Solar Panels: Are They Worth It?

Solar Panels: Are They Worth It? solar-powered house

With the quick development in solar technology and the decrease in pricing, is solar power still worth it for the Winnipeg homeowner? That’s the typical inquiry homeowners ask and as Winnipeg electricians, we’ll set out to answer in this article. Southcan Electric Ltd is here to help you with gauging the advantages and disadvantages of […]


When buying another home, getting a home inspection done is consistently a great idea in order to analyze any possible issues in the infrastructure. During a home inspection, electrical issues are generally identified, and this is significant in light of the fact that a house’s electrical system assumes a major part in keeping it safe […]