About Southcan ElectRic Ltd.

Is a Winnipeg based electrical contracting company. Our electrical services are dedicated to providing safe and high quality work while establishing meaningful business relationships.

Knowing that each situation is unique, we offer various creative and innovative solutions to come up with the perfect outcome. We can give expert advice about critical information such as your energy bill, smart consumer decisions, and most of all, safety. We provide you with an experience that will allow you to make informed decisions for both commercial or residential electrical needs.

Southcan has the technical knowledge and background to provide you with renewable energy solutions such as solar panels. We have expanded into smart home systems as another way to help upgrade your home or place of work.

Receiving professional trainings here in Manitoba, our friendly and reliable staff are ready to take on any challenge that is presented to us. We work seamlessly to respect your property and we give you the quality service that you deserve. When it comes to all electrical needs, we at Southcan Electric Ltd. are here to serve Winnipeg the best possible way we can.

Electrical Professionals


Completing any electrical work on your own can be quite a challenge. Furthermore, to become a professional Electrician takes a great deal of time and requires safety training. When it comes to your house or office, it is best not leaving your wiring work to chance. With our highly trained staff, you can rest assured that we will save you time and help you save money in the long run.

Other great reasons to choose Southcan Electric Ltd.


Southcan Electric Ltd. will help you save both time and money by getting your materials for you. We can give you an accurate quote on materials and a fair labor cost. Instead of doing the job yourself and calling an Electrician after to correct the installation, hiring an Electrician from Southcan to do the installation will save you time and money.


We at Southcan Electric have our very own personal morals and ethics which make us unique. Here at Southcan, we strive for excellence by creating a culture that is safe, innovative, and continuously adaptive.


One of Southcan's many strengths is communication. We communicate as a team with our clients to ensure that our work is efficient, up to your standards and completed on time.


There are many different codes that go into building and designing safe electrical systems. These codes can differ depending on what region you live in and they are required by law to be met. Hiring a Winnipeg Electrician will help you get the most up-to-date information and ensure that all codes are being upheld.