Solar Panels: Are They Worth It?

solar-powered house

With the quick development in solar technology and the decrease in pricing, is solar power still worth it for the Winnipeg homeowner? That’s the typical inquiry homeowners ask and as Winnipeg electricians, we’ll set out to answer in this article. Southcan Electric Ltd is here to help you with gauging the advantages and disadvantages of installing solar panels for your home, including the benefits of solar panels and how to know whether they are appropriate for your home. 

Across Canada, an ever-increasing number of individuals are beginning to invest in solar power systems. They are furnishing their roofs with solar panels — and why not? Solar power technology has seen unbelievable progressions in recent years, a large number of which have helped with bringing down the expense of equipment involved.  Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to produce electricity for your home and business as well as the grid, without expanding your effect on the environment.

What Do Solar Panels Do?

Solar panels are intended to maximize the measure of light assimilation into the solar cells, which at that point convert the energy into electricity for use in the home. The more light is available, the greater electricity will be delivered by each board. While solar panels are regularly attached to the roofs and used to power the whole electrical system, some property holders decide to utilize more modest boards for specific purposes. Examples outdoor lighting, warmed pools and spas, water radiators, ventilation fans, and more.

Top Benefits of Solar Panels In Winnipeg

  • From energy freedom to bring down utility charges, property holders are encountering enormous advantages from solar panels. Here are some of the benefits to install solar panels for your home: 
  • A sustainable energy source: As long as the sun exists, you will have access to solar energy. 
  • Decreased power charges: Your energy bills will drop as the solar panels produce the electricity you need to power your home; some property holders even get payments for surplus energy that they export back to the grid.
  • Various applications: Whether you choose to utilize solar panels to enhance capacity to your whole home or need to utilize them to create power in zones without access, there are many chances to use solar energy. 
  • Low upkeep: Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Cleaning them two times every year is typically enough to keep them in great working condition. 

There’s a more profound question, though – where is the solar panel most productive? More specifically – what are the advantages of solar panels in Winnipeg?

To address this inquiry, we will take a look at a couple of various elements: daylight hours, potential for reserve funds, and environmental effects. 

Daylight (Sunlight) hours 

With regards to daylight hours, Winnipeg is difficult to beat. We’re the second sunniest city in Canada, just next to Calgary. The more daylight hours you get every year, the more effective your solar panel system will be. That makes our daylight hours a clear aid. 

Presently, many people are thinking about how the winter months will affect the calculation? You’re right that we get less sunlight in the colder time of year (however we actually get significantly more than most other Canadian cities). Luckily, the absence of winter daylight is compensated for by sufficient daylight in the late spring. 

Potential for reserve funds 

Manitoba Hydro estimates that the average solar system will pay for itself within 19 to 25 years.  That is with current government incentives – we’re hoping to get better incentives in the future which will prompt significantly more reserve funds. 

How were you able to save? There are a few different ways. First, each kWh of solar energy you produce is the energy you don’t need to purchase from Manitoba Hydro. Second, Hydro will purchase the abundance of energy you produce. That is ideal for when you’re getting those long periods of daylight in the mid-year. The majority of us utilize less power in the mid-year – we don’t have to turn our lights on as right on time, and we invest more time outside. That implies the time you’re producing the most electricity is the time that you’re least likely to utilize it – and that implies cash in your pocket. 

Environmental Impact

At the point when you get Winnipeg solar,  you acquire a level of energy independence, you set aside cash over the long haul, and you help the environment. Those are for the most part extraordinary things, and it clarifies why so numerous Winnipeg homeowners are turning to solar.

Downsides of Choosing Solar Panel

While solar panels give plenty of rewards, there are likewise a few issues to consider early. To start with, there will be a significant initial investment. The solar panels, batteries, wiring installation, power inverter, and different costs can add up rapidly. In any case, it’s critical to remember that most property owners will see a profit from their interest in a few years through utility investment funds alone. Another mishap could be the climate in your general vicinity. On the off chance that you live in a sunny bright environment with long stretches of clear skies, you can get a ton of power from your solar panels. Then again, individuals who live in locales with hefty rainfall or thick backwoods may not get a similar measure of energy. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical System with Solar Panels?

Presently, as the innovation has improved significantly as far as cost and accessibility, increasingly more property owners are doing the switch. Have you thought about introducing installing solar panels in your home and business, yet aren’t sure if it’s the correct choice? At Southcan Electric Ltd, we provide residential and commercial electrical services including solar system installation and integration. Our certified and insured Winnipeg local electricians will be happy to work one on one with you, to create a customized solution that fits your needs, meets your requirements and budget. Contact our office at 204.230.3217 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our Winnipeg licensed electricians.

Photo by Vivint Solar from Pexels