Month: February 2021

Planning Your Outdoor Lighting for Spring

Planning Your Outdoor Lighting for Spring Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Spring: Safety Tips and Reminders Spring means warmer climate and the opportunity to get back outside after hibernating indoors over the Winter. It’s not quite Spring yet but before the climate starts to heat up, it’s a smart thought to deal with any upkeep issues in your outdoor zones – particularly your […]

Basic Home Electrical Safety for Children

Basic Home Electrical Safety for Children electrical safety

Childproofing your house is a mindful way of keeping your children safe until they reach the age when they would understand that electricity is something they should never play with. Children are normally curious about the world around them and prone to sticking fingers and objects into electrical outlets. Children must be taught about electrical […]

Common Causes Of Flickering Lights

Common Causes Of Flickering Lights Leb lighting program

Have you noticed flickering lights in your Winnipeg home? This is a typical event many individuals overlook. However, if flickering light problems are persistent, there might be a serious electrical issue. Different sources can be in play, some of which may require the immediate solution of a  Winnipeg electrician.  An occasional light flash in your […]

6 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Around Your Home

With our modern reliance on electricity, we all have wonderful conveniences. However, if not taken care of securely, your home’s wires, strings, and machines represent various safety hazards that can bring about deadly mishaps and property damage. Fortunately, these hazards can be avoided or reduced by staying aware and taking steps to eliminate their dangers, […]