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As exciting as they may be, home renovations require more work than most may think. Having an additional room in your home in Winnipeg, may it be a home office or an outdoor kitchen, can be a huge renovation and you must be cautious with the planning, guaranteeing that the electrical components are also considered. You should work with a licensed residential electrician in Winnipeg who has involvement in a project you planned in your home. Whether your home renovation is something you have been planning for quite a long time or an off the cuff choice, Southcan Electric Ltd, will work with you from beginning to end. 

There are numerous things to learn whenever you renovate your home. Our choices are inconceivably essential ensuring we can appreciate living in our homes. Electricity is a fundamental component in everybody’s home nowadays. Settling on awful electrical decisions is something one would not want to do. Appropriate planning can save you cash and guarantee that the project runs flawlessly. 

Electrical Wiring Upgrades to Consider During a Home Renovation

While finishing a  home renovation that includes opening dividers and ceilings for different reasons, you have the ideal chance to make electrical upgrades. Guarantee you plan for both current needs and what you may require in the future. At Southcan Electric Ltd, we’ll be glad to furnish you with some guidance and complete the task within your spending plan.

1. Change to LED Lighting 

An immense improvement can be made by switching over to LED lighting. Driven lights run cooler, produce more splendid light and utilize a small amount of power than customary lights. The cost of LED lighting has gone down significantly lately, and they are currently accessible in warmer shadings that are more complimentary to skin tones. LED lights that copy the light of brilliant bulbs are even accessible at this point. 

2. More Outlets 

A home renovation project is additionally a period for including more outlets. A portion of the various regions where the new outlets can be introduced include: 

  • A children’s room that requires computer games and TV 
  • A home office that requires PCs and peripherals 
  • A kitchen where new appliances  are required 
  • Open air space 

Your electrician can help plan where and the number of extra outlets are required. Moreover, they can likewise consider this figuring the general load demand.

3. Fix Old Add-On Wiring 

Extra circuits are generally basic in more older homes  and are the most significant  reason for electrical flames. Most OLDER homes should redesign the electrical wiring sooner or later. The  appliances and innovation we own currently request a specific degree of reliable power. 

A home renovation is a perfect chance to overhaul your knob and tube or aluminum wiring just as putting in new major appliances. In the event that you need to open walls as part of your home renovation consider making upgrades to your electrical wiring while you have open access. This could be the ideal opportunity to refresh old wiring for security, proficiency, and modern gadgetry.

4.  Upgrade Electrical Panel

In case you are putting an option on your home that will increase electrical demand, you should have a Licensed Electrician to include extra circuit breakers. If your panel is old or harmed, it can be a fire hazard and a renovation is the best and ideal opportunity to perform an upgrade to your home’s Electrical Panel. Outdated panels  have impediments on accessible space to add circuits or they have wires. Some old panels are of inferior quality or basically quit working and should be changed. 

An electric service upgrade is generally prescribed or expected to expand the limit of the current electrical service. With all the new appliances  and current gadgets we presently have in our homes, we find that more older homes simply do not have adequate power available to deal with the  increased demand. As a result, a service change is required. Other normal reasons  to change out a current panel are because of out of date innovation.

A huge number of fires break out yearly because of issues with electrical installations. This makes it significant for your family’s safety that you consider all the electrical elements during a renovation project. Any remodel should address both the stylish and functional aspects. Furthermore, the functional aspect  explicitly includes the electrical parts.

5. GFCIs

It is recommended to install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). These gadgets will make your home a more secure place. They immediately cut off power if a connected appliance interacts with moisture. It is prescribed to add these units to kitchens, washrooms, or whatever other zones where there is a danger of water contact.These safety gadgets are standard in restrooms and kitchens now, yet in the event that you own an older home they might be absent from your rooms. 

It is a basic task for an electrician to change out one sort of outlet for another during a home renovation work, yet it is fundamental to your family’s security, and may even be required for a renovation, depending on your local building standard.

Why choose Southcan Electric Ltd, for your home renovation electrical service?

Home renovations can get expensive if they are not arranged appropriately. Southcan Electric Ltd, will take an effort to examine your electrical prerequisites and work with you to plan an electrical system that will work successfully with the engineering boundaries of your newly renovated home. We likewise give the most state-of-the-art and innovative solutions and products for your home that are both energy effective and cost productive. 

With regards to electrical installations, our goal is to limit your worry by providing an electrician who appears on schedule, is well presented, expert and completes your activity with care and ability. Through advancement, arranging and utilization of quality systems we invest wholeheartedly in furnishing you with the highest level of client support.

Our electrical renovation and electric repair services are unrivaled. We value: 

  • Working with properties, regardless of type and sizes.
  • Our comprehensive all-in-one service that leaves customers satisfied
  • Addressing your necessities and surpassing your expectation 
  • Our friendly, supportive and accommodating approach
  • Minimizing expenses with affordable machines and  installations
  • Keeping up security while  installing switchboards, lights and fans

If you require electrical renovation and electrical repair services in Winnipeg, you can depend on Southcan Electric Ltd,. Our electricians are completely fit for putting in new wiring, giving an electrical board update, and actualizing a reinforcement generator that makes up for power blackouts. Our services  are particularly helpful when you are in the process of renovating your property and in need of the support of a local electrician in Winnipeg.

For all your professional electrical needs, may it be a residential or a commercial project, call Southcan Electric Ltd, today at 204.918.1003. You can also email us at [email protected]. Visit our secure website at to find out more.