When buying another home, getting a home inspection done is consistently a great idea in order to analyze any possible issues in the infrastructure. During a home inspection, electrical issues are generally identified, and this is significant in light of the fact that a house’s electrical system assumes a major part in keeping it safe by forestalling fire hazards, arcing, and electrical shocks. Recognizing these problem spots is important to accurately value the home and ensure that the purchaser does not unknowingly acquire any exorbitant issues. Not only does the home inspector check to ensure that the entirety of the structure is up to scratch, but to likewise analyze the capacity and safety of the house, in particular the electrical system. 

Although not all electricians would, a certified Winnipeg home inspector and licensed Winnipeg Electrician like Southcan Electric Ltd will open an electrical panel to examine it. Southcan Electric Ltd home inspectors are trained to inspect and report on any issues that they believe to be deficient or unsafe in the home.

There is a wide range of issues that can be discovered when buying a home. Below are the most well-known electrical issues found in home inspections that should not be ignored and prospective buyers should know about.

  1. Exposed Wiring and Loose wired switches

During a home inspection, perhaps the most widely recognized electrical issue discovered is exposed wiring and free switches, and this is a vital issue that requires immediate action as exposed wiring is a major fire hazard. Due to the high danger involved, uncovered wiring is one of the fixes that need to be consistently done by a professional electrician rather than have a  DIY. Uncovered wiring is easy to fix, however, it is fundamental that wiring is appropriately covered to forestall the danger of flames or arcing. 

Poorly wired loose switches are also a  common safety hazard that many houses have, particularly in the event that it was a wiring job done by an inexperienced electrician or by somebody who has no electrical knowledge. These switches regularly utilize reverse polarity when wiring, which can cause issues to your appliances.

  1. Over used Circuit Breakers

Another basic electrical issue discovered during a home inspection is abused circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are expected to have just one wire associated with one electrical switch in the electrical board, and when at least two wires are connected to the electrical switch, it represents a colossal danger. At the point when various wires are associated with a similar electrical switch, it permits connection to become looser which prompts an expansion in arcing and flames. Overused circuit breakers are not difficult to spot, and this common electrical issue can be addressed by just updating the electrical panel to take into account an expansion in the number of circuit breakers.

  1. Extension ropes in lasting use

Extension cords are intended to be a temporary solution. Yet, we frequently see them utilized semi-permanently or for all time for outside fountains, sprinkler systems, and even indoor presentations. This is especially a concern for older houses. Extensive use of power cords can be a safety concern, so professional electrical home inspectors should always make a note in their reports. It is a lot more secure to have an electrician install more receptacles in the areas where the use of electricity is required. 

  1. Defective GFCI Outlets

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets are utilized when an outlet is near a water source and can ordinarily be constructed from bad quality materials that make electrical issues in a home. GFI outlets made from low-quality materials can frequently trip the force source and result in a wide range of machines in your home shut down.

  1. Service Panel

It is very common to discover a few issues in a service panel board during a normal home inspection. A few issues may incorporate breaker issues or inside and out damage to the service panel, among others. Having an appropriately working service panel that is enormously sufficient to deal with the entirety of the home’s electrical requirements is fundamental. A good home inspector will know to deliberately review the damage and construction on the home’s service panel and alert you if there are any issues.

These are some of the most common electrical issues home inspectors find in Winnipeg home inspections. Subsequent to having a home assessment performed, it is vital to make the necessary electrical fixes that the inspector recommended because you need your family’s home as protected and safe as possible.


From exposed wiring to not having enough outlets, numerous electrical issues can be found during a home inspection. It is best to pick professional services for both home inspection and electrical repairs. Instead of doing the fix yourself, it will save you money to hire a professional electrician, not to mention an experienced electrician’s work is guaranteed of its quality and security. 

Since electrical norms and codes are changing with new upgrades and methodology, it is common to discover electrical issues during home inspections, and regardless of what the electrical issue is, the most important part is to have it fixed properly by a licensed electrical company.

The last thing you need in your new property is a lot of electrical issues that are exorbitant to fix. Always make sure to hire only a local certified home inspector prior to buying another home to guarantee that these common issues are addressed. Contact  Southcan Electric Ltd, today to discuss how we can help you with your electrical needs.

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