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Southcan Electric Ltd, is a team of experts in residential building inspections in Winnipeg. It is our job to give assistance in order to get the best result for every single property buy, build or deal. We are specialists in the structure business. As an inspection professional, we are ready to share our industry knowledge to help you and address any worries you may have when purchasing, building or selling a home. As a one stop house for Electrical service business, we are also known for our excellent result in Home Inspections & Consulting in Winnipeg.

Having a home inspection directed by an authorized home inspector in Winnipeg like Southcan Electric Ltd, is probably the most ideal approach to ensure your true serenity when purchasing another home. We examine all parts of the property, from the inside directly through the outside, to guarantee that there are no existing basic structural defects to the home and no future surprise prowling. Buying a home or venture is perhaps the greatest choice you will make and having the correct information is essential so you can push ahead with your buy easily. At Southcan Electric Ltd, our experienced home inspectors will investigate the property and furnish you with a definite report showing our discoveries. We can assist you with deciding if the house merits the worth it is selling on the market for and whether you should spend more cash for future fixes or remodels. We will give our proposals and help you to decide the most ideal activity and move forward. The outcomes we acquire from our home inspection and consulting services have spared our clients thousands of dollars. The group at Southcan Electric Ltd, are passionate about what we do and we guarantee you will receive exceptional service from our expert inspectors who have extensive knowledge in the structure business.


A home inspection is recommended for:

How long does a home inspection take?

Home inspections typically take 2-3 hours depending on square footage. The house’s condition is likely the main factor that affects the amount of time it requires for a home inspector to inspect a house. Houses that require numerous defects to document, regardless of whether the fixes are – minor or major defects, take quite a while and can add an hour or more to the inspection time.

When should I Have an Inspection Done?

In case you are purchasing a home in Winnipeg or nearby areas, get a quote and coordinate a Pre-Purchase home Inspector to conduct a pre-purchase inspection at the earliest opportunity after marking your buy contract. On the off chance that you are selling your home, we recommend an inspection prior setting your home available on the market. In case you are building your own home, you will also require stage inspections based on your contract.

Our certified and experienced inspectors conduct:

Why is it important?

expert home inspectors

How much does a home inspection cost?

The normal cost of our home inspection service starts at $450. The costs depend on the assessment type and the size of the property being inspected. While it is sensible to search for the least expensive review, it may not generally bring about the best results. It pays to use an inspector with licensed, experienced, applicable capabilities, and with appropriate protection and the capacity to deliver top notch reports.

What areas do we service?

We service most of Winnipeg and nearby areas in metropolitan and provincial areas.

What specific zones do we inspect?


Our central goal is to act as an independent guide all through the investigation process, giving our residential clients the highest quality service and timely, comprehensive reports. Our mission is to give a definitive Peace of Mind to our customers. We believe everyone deserves a safe place where you can live joyfully with your family. Your Peace of Mind isn’t just our objective, it is our assurance! This is why we believe we are the right home inspection company in Winnipeg for you.

If you are purchasing a home or selling one and in need of an honest and reliable thorough home inspection report, know that you can trust Southcan Electric Ltd,. Simply fill out our Form or “Contact Us”. You can also call 204.918.1003 and we’ll talk you through the whole process.