Upgrading to a 200 Amp Service Panel

200 Amp Service Panel

Electrical panels are one of those things that simply work until they don’t. Most homeowners know how to reset an electrical switch that trips, however, some people other than professional electricians give the industrial grey box in the carport or laundry room much thought until the lights go out. 

The service or circuit panel is a significant component of each home’s electrical system since it allows the system to work appropriately. According to some, a 100-amp service panel should be the minimum base. In any case, this may not be sufficient for modern homes that are furnished with a heavy-duty HVAC unit, huge appliances, theater setups, PCs, an electric vehicle charger, and an always developing number of gadgets. 

The sort of meter panel that your home uses can really have an entirely huge effect on the productivity of your different frameworks, particularly if a large portion of them are electrical. In case you’re using a 100 amp electrical board at this moment, you should consider moving up to a 200 amp board.

Upgrading to a 200-amp service gives more power to a home. When moving up to the 200-amp service, you will appreciate more advantages. You can add options to the house, new electrical equipment, and then more. Electrical contractors in Winnipeg like Southcan Electric Ltd, introduce these new boxes for a lot of reasons. With an upgraded box, the breakers won’t trip much any longer. It gives greater power and fewer issues in the house. Electricity required inside the home must be sufficient. 

With the help of Southcan Electric professional Winnipeg electricians,  electrical issues will be fixed. You will not only get more information about the box in your home, but we will educate you on adding another box. With benefits, upgrading to a 200-amp service is a smart thought for many homeowners as they use power consistently. Almost everything in the house requires electricity, and without enough power, daily house routines will not look the same. 

Keeping the future in mind, having a 200-Amp service panel should be seriously considered. The following discusses the advantages of introducing this upgrade for your home. Make sure to talk to an experienced Winnipeg licensed electrician to get the best outcomes for your project. 

Advantages of a 200 Amp Service Panel


An upgraded service panel can let your home electrical system utilize more power securely. Regardless of whether you’re not stumbling the breakers at the present time, a 100 amp board in a modern home is running very close to capacity to be safe for long haul use. 

As a rule, no electrical circuit ought to continue heaps of over 80% the most extreme limit. The additional amperage limit is a security cushion electrical designers incorporate into home circuits so an unexpected power spike doesn’t dangerously overload wires and outlets. This implies that in a 100 amp system, you shouldn’t draw in excess of 80 amps. Out of this limit, 15 to 20 amps will be utilized for home lighting. Another 20 amps will be utilized for an air conditioner or heater.

Before you’ve even turned a radio on, that’s halfway to your home’s protected limit. Add a couple of PCs, cell phone chargers, a TV, and your evening power draw will be effectively over the safe limits of the system. What happens at that point? A most ideal situation is a breaker trip when the system hits the outright furthest reaches of the system’s safe working limit. In an older system, it’s likewise conceivable that an electrical fire could be started by an over-burden source or light fixture.

Greater Capacity

Capacity is perhaps the greatest contrast between 100 and 200 amp panels. The bigger the board, the more electrical flow your home can get from the city’s capacity power grid. This is significant if you have a ton of electrical machines in your home, similar to heaters and ovens. 

A 200 amp  service panel will give more electrical flow than a 100 amp board, permitting a home to securely control huge electrical appliances and warming and cooling conditioning equipment, and different machines at the same time. Greater capacity is a key advantage of this upgrade; this  upgrade will be important for some huge families that consume a lot of power for the duration of the day. 

Regardless of whether you don’t have the same number of enormous electrical systems, it may very well be a smart thought to upgrade if you utilize a ton of electrical machines. Moving up to a 200 amp board will make more electrical power accessible to appliances that need it, boosting their proficiency and viability.

More Circuits

200 amp service panels are truly bigger than their older, 100 amp partners. This is because they have more circuits, which is a major advantage in a home that utilizes a ton of power. You would prefer not to pack a lot of systems and machines on too few circuits in the event that you don’t need to, as it expands the chances of overloading them. A lower overload chance means a more secure electrical framework generally, one less prone to flames and short circuits. For this reason alone, it is most likely a good idea to upgrade to a larger amp service panel.

Regardless of whether the current system has a total capacity to address your home’s needs, the individual circuits are frequently limited. Smaller service panels have less space for circuits, and those circuits are generally evaluated for lower amp draw than bigger boards. By partitioning your home into more circuits with fewer things attached, you can run more gadgets on a similar electrical capacity. This can truly prove to be useful if you actually use power tools. Having your workshop part across two circuits can let you run bigger tools, and on the off chance that you work on DIY projects, it can let you run multiple shop devices immediately without over-burdening any circuits.

Future Demands

No matter the age of your home, it is wise to guarantee its service panel is working appropriately and equipped for satisfying the electrical needs of your family. It may work perfectly now, but its amperage may not be satisfactory for the future. On the off chance that you have plans to redesign or upgrade your home like having a backyard pool or a basement bar, moving up to a 200-amp will guarantee that your electrical system will be prepared for extra demands. It’s also a decent beginning stage in case you’re wanting to upgrade your office or home theater, which can be significant power sinks even with modern equipment.

Upgrading to 200-Amp Service is a Must

Upgrading to 200-amp service is an unquestionable requirement for many homes. Property owners have reasons behind moving up to 200-amp service. Adding rooms to a home calls for it. Adding extra electrical equipment to the home calls for it. A number of reasons call for it. Not having enough power to run the house is a major issue. Talk with a Winnipeg electrician. Ask suggestions regarding the best box for your home. Winnipeg electricians provide the best advice in terms of anything electrical. 

Upgrading to a 200-amp service will absolutely be worth it and professional electricians can help you better understand why you should upgrade. Primarily, having a new box is fundamental. Having an updated electrical system decreases issues that may happen inside the home. With the more impressive power service, the entire house will benefit, as well as the family utilizing the power inside the home. 

How can I upgrade my service panel?

Changing an electrical service panel is not as simple as changing a breaker or wiring a roof fan. It’s extremely hazardous. A professional electrician will be working with amperages that can be deadly. There is no room for mistakes as a service panel that is wired wrong can light an electrical fire, and a free live wire could cause electrical shocks.

If you attempt to DIY and do it without a professional electrician and appropriate permits, your insurance protection isn’t probably going to cover any future issues related to the service panel. You could likewise be held subject to property damages or injuries if your DIY work causes a fire. 

The best way to deal with upgrading your home’s service panel is to hire a local Winnipeg electrician. Give Southcan Electric Ltd, a call, and see why we are one of the most trusted electrical companies in Winnipeg. Southcan Electric Ltd provides a full scope of electrical service panel upgrades in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and nearby areas. With over 2 years of providing electrical services to both residential and commercial properties, our team at Southcan Electric provides quick and professional solutions. Contact us today at 204.918.1003 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed electricians. We’ll make sure that your home gets the best electric service panel for your needs.