One’s home is said to be the safest place for anyone, especially during these tough times of a pandemic. “Stay home, stay safe” as many people would say. For this to remain true though, we need to make sure that everything inside our home is working properly. That being said, it may be time to check if your smoke detector and carbon dioxide detectors are still functioning efficiently. As a device that gives a warning when there are smoke and possible fire, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late to replace them. 

A home’s smoke detector is one of the most significant, yet the most ignored of your devices at home. Keeping updated with the latest, checking them consistently, and having them replaced are some of the significant parts of house care. While you can do some of these things yourself, it is generally insightful to get the help of a professional Winnipeg electrical contractor when it comes to installations and code corrections related to your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detectors.

If your electrical system is wired to your smoke alarms, they should have a reinforcement battery that needs to be replaced once a year. Replacing your hard-wired smoke alarm means that you’re going to deal with electrical work. Because the procedure requires caution and thorough attention to detail, it is best to contact a licensed Winnipeg electrician like Southcan Electric Ltd, to do the job for you.

Although leaving the job to professionals is advised, knowing a thing or two about smoke detectors is important so we can better protect our homes. Below are the most important things that you need to know about smoke detectors.

Features of Smoke Detectors

While different smoke detectors appear to be comparable, there are significant differences among models. To start with, how is it powered? Some alarms are controlled by a battery, while others are hardwired into your home’s electrical framework and are regularly furnished with a backup battery.

Hard wired smoke detectors are devices that are introduced straightforwardly into the existing electrical system in your home. They typically accompany batteries that are there just in case the power goes out. On the other hand, battery-powered detectors run on batteries alone. They don’t need to be installed into the electrical circuit so they are simpler to install.

Many property holders pick hard-wired smoke detectors rather than battery-powered detectors because of their life expectancy and reliability. Batteries in battery-powered detectors require to be changed frequently, and the detector won’t work if the battery is dead. Hard-wired detectors, on the other hand, will seldom require a change of battery, and will keep on giving the warning sound without running out of batteries until it is turned off.

Another advantage of using hard-wired smoke detectors is that they can be interconnected with other smoke alarms at home. This means that on the off chance one smoke alarm goes off, the entirety of gadgets on the circuit will likewise be set off to sound an alarm. This is a lot a more secure choice over the battery-controlled detectors which work totally independently from the other devices inside the house.

When To Replace Smoke Detectors?

It may be generally acceptable to replace your smoke alarm’s batteries once a year. But how about the actual detectors? When do we know when it’s time to replace them? How often should we replace them?

Like most things, smoke alarms wear out after some time until they completely stop working. And like most things, they need to be replaced periodically. 

Since smoke alarms can vary in durability, it is always good to check the manufacturer’s instructions on replacing them. These guidelines would indicate when a specific kind of smoke detector needs to be replaced. In the event that this information is not available, the overall principle is to replace a smoke alarm at least every ten years. You can usually see the date when your smoke detectors were manufactured by checking the back of the alarms. Keep a list of every one of them, as you have them installed in your house so you can keep a reference to their manufacture dates.  Check the list consistently so you know which ones need replacement. Make sure to update your list with manufacture dates on the replacement detectors.

Where should your smoke detectors be located?

Once you have made sure that your smoke detectors are working properly, the next thing you need to do is make sure that you have them installed in the most ideal areas in your home.

Ensure there is a smoke alarm in every room. One right outside of every room and another on each level of your home. Having smoke detectors in different areas of the house guarantees that you hear the alarm even when the doors are closed.

It is good to put carbon dioxide detectors near sleeping areas and make sure that they are completely interconnected so you hear the alarm wherever you may be in the house since one detector activates the rest as the alarm goes off.

Where not to install smoke detectorsDo not install smoke alarms near kitchens, laundries, bathrooms or chimneys, where they may be activated by steam and ordinary vapor. Do not place them close to air vents of fans where smoke could be blown away from detectors. They may likewise breakdown in areas where temperature falls below 32 or above 100 degrees F.

Testing the Batteries

If your smoke detectors are still working properly, then make sure to keep a timetable for testing your batteries consistently on a monthly basis. It should be important for your home’s regular maintenance. Simply press the test button on the indicator and let the alert sound. You should replace the batteries if the alert no longer makes a sound. 

Choosing the Right Winnipeg Electrician 

A fire is something that everybody hopes to never have to deal with but would like to always be prepared for. Making sure that smoke detectors are perfectly working is just one of the ways we can help prevent or immediately put out the fire. 

Spare yourself the danger from replacing smoke detectors yourself. Leave the job to a reliable electrician. Make sure that you choose an electrical contractor in Winnipeg that is authorized, licensed, and adequately insured. Do not base your decision solely on the low prices. Paying for cheaper professional fees could cost more money to pay for damages and repairs in the future. 

Southcan Electric Ltd, provides reliable and thorough home safety services. Our experienced and licensed group of residential electricians in Winnipeg can help you with deciding on the best smoke detectors for you as well as with deciding where to install those alarms all through your home. 

Contact us at 204.230.3217 and let us talk about a monitored home security system which can include smoke detectors, 24/7 in-home surveillance, door and window sensors, and motion detectors. 

We cannot wait to discuss with you how we can help make your home a safer place for you and your family!