How Do You Like Our New Website?

Winnipeg electric company

As one of the best and most trusted Winnipeg electrical contractors, the electrical services we provide are committed in giving safe and top notch work while setting up important business connections. We have been improving our services to make sure that we provide you with nothing but the best at all times and at every aspect of our business.

As part of our commitment to deliver only the best quality service, we are happy to finally share with you our newly redesigned website! 

We are extremely grateful to Top Shelf SEO for their outstanding work in designing and optimizing our new webpage. They walked us through the process, took the initiative to keep us on our timeline and they were very accommodating and very patient with all our questions.

From the start of conceptualization until the final touch, our group treated this project as we would have treated a customer’s project. It was important for us to follow the steps of our typical kick off gatherings, client experience, content procedure, wireframes and models, plan, development, and content transfer.

It was important to characterize our goals for the redesign. After group collaboration sessions, we came up with four essential objectives.  The new Webpage should:

1. Be Mobile Friendly  – We wanted something that will be more responsive and will better accommodate mobile users. Our designers and developers from Top Shelf Seo kept it versatile and mobile-focused all throughout the design, ensuring the site worked well on all screen sizes. 

2. Reflect Our Company Character and Culture in Its Design and Content – Our group is composed of very skilled and talented people with high quality standards for our work. Notwithstanding, that does not mean that we are all business and no play. We wanted our website to reflect the inviting, laid-back environment and give our guests a brief look into who we are behind our company name. The new site incorporates our company background, referral program, business principles, refreshed colleague photographs at work, and a considerable amount of new content about our services and work. 

3. Be More Informative and Interactive –  Because we want to keep you informed and updated about our latest products and services, and provide you with useful tips and information on anything that is electrical-related, we have decided to add blogging to our new website. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback by leaving comments after each blog. We will be posting informative write ups every week and you can access them simply by clicking on the Menu on the Homepage.

4. Present A Familiar But Modern, Look and Feel – We wanted to have a more modern design but at the same time use our current shading palette and logo. We used loads of white space to make the website look spotless and simple, and we utilized new typography and icons. You will discover a lot of open photographs all through the site, and patched up recent colleague photos with new grid – style design. The final product is fresh and new, yet still recognizable.
Explore our new pages, have a look around, and let us know what you think! Don’t hesitate to connect with us on our social media or send us an email at